Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sactown Magazine

Have you picked up your "Best in the City" issue yet?

Check out The Frosted Cake Shop featured with the Cake Bosses of Sacramento!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Growing Up

Baby Charlotte Belle turned one this weekend! This not only means that lil Char is growing up, but that TFCS is still alive and kicking, too.

A year ago, I made a cute, whimsical cake for a glowing mother-to-be. The cake turned out great, and has been a popular choice in my repertoire of baby shower cakes. Not only have I expanded on the design and improved my decorating techniques, so much has changed and expanded with TFCS over this past year. As I create cakes for turnining points in my clients' lives, I begin to reflect on what this past year has meant to me...

Without getting into too much detail, this past year has definitely been a busy one....
Let's see, since this time last year TFCS has been featured in 3 local newspapers, including photos in The Sacramento Bee, batted with the big boys at various charity events- including Grange Restaurant at Luxe for Life 2009 (one of my personal favorites), made 3 TV appearances, been mentioned in several blogs, moved into a brand-new kitchen, attended class at The French Pastry School of Chicago, been featured and photographed for 3 magazines,including the latest issue of SacTown Magazine- go get your copy today!- and more.....

I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but it's definitely been a journey worth sharing =)

Alright, back to Miss Charlotte. The pic isn't much, but the cake was super cute anyways. Here is her individual ladybug "smash" cake. Would love to see what she looked after digging into this dessert!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tahoe Wedding Weekend

Not too often does cake-making take me on adventures. However, this past weekend, I had the opportunity to create a cake for a beautiful Tahoe wedding reception. I don't usually travel with my cakes too far, but every now and then I could use a cake journey =)

By May, I was not expecting snow to still be on the ground. Fortunately for the newly weds, it was a clear and sunny day, with snow caps in the foreground- and only a small amount of snow starting to melt onto the outdoor dance floor. The sanding sugar that rimmed the cake glistened perfectly and mirrored the effects of the sun shining on the snow outside.

The cake design was created by the bride herself. I loved her ideas, and definitely thought it was 2-hour delivery-worthy. The design matched the rustic theme perfectly! Take a look!

The Cake!
Okay, so my photography skills are not great- and neither is my camera... the pics don't quite capture the image I'd like to portray of the glistening, snow -capped cake... but you get the idea =)

Love birds? The bride and groom's cake toppers.

Two more birds to represent the couple's dogs. Too cute.

I am hoping to get some pro photos sent from the wedding photographer, so be on the look out for those soon!