Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Wedding Recap

It sure has been one busy summer! It's already the end of September, and I just now finally feel like life is going back to normal- busy as usual though. This has been the first summer for weddings in the new shop. Between planning my own wedding, being a bridesmaid for my best friends, and creating cake for a few of my favorite clients, a lot of cake and creativity have been produced over the past few months.

Only my dear friend Courtney could get away with convincing me to create an all brownie wedding "cake" for her and Kirk. This was definitely new for TFCS, but we pulled off an all brownie dessert bar and cake. Although the planning gave me a headache, the end product was pretty darn cute. Nothing less for one of my very best friends!
Close-up of sugar rose
Mr. and Mrs. Gross!

24 hours later, we were back in the shop getting ready for the Hagan/White wedding. I was honored to create the cake for my childhood neighbor, Jeff. His new bride helped design the simple yet elegant cake. Did I mention it was HUGE?! She loved our sugar flowers, so the cake was decorated with clusters of sugar hydrangea and roses.

4-layers of alternating cake flavors = one big cake!

Did I mention yet that I got married too??
I might be biased, but Brett and I had the best wedding EVER! No, I did not make my own cake, but we had a delicious dessert bar from my favorite pastry chef, Ginger Elizabeth. If you have not yet had one of her chocolate chip cookies, stop reading and go get one!

But really, I could not have been happier with our BIG day. Here are some pics of my and my new husband celebrating at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria:

But first, Brett with his Groom's cake. I made this one =)

Yumm! Orange Blossom Marshmallow!

So many different treats! Chocolate chip cookies, French macaroons, apricot tea cakes, CAKE: lemon/almond/raspberry, chocolate/caramel, and strawberry/pistacio

.....And a few others, just for fun.
Mini 2-tier with hand-made sugar orchids

All-sugar flower cake topper!