Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Creating a Custom Cake

I am so grateful for how well-received The Frosted Cake Shop has been over the last few years. Although the idea of an all custom cake shop is not entirely original, or limited to TFCS, I have strived to create the opportunity for my west-coast friends to have a one-of-a-kind, specialty cake of their own. When creating The Frosted Cake Shop, I envisioned meeting with clients, comparing color palettes, sketching designs, and pairing their favorite flavors to create their dream cake. Each cake would be tailored to the specific wants and needs of each client. No cake would be the same.

I'd like to take this opportunity to take you all on a behind-the-scenes tour of how a custom cake is created at The Frosted Cake Shop.

We are still a fairly small, boutique shop in our comfortable midtown location. With our unconventional business hours, we still operate by appointment only. When an appointment is scheduled, the client will be able to have a one-on-one consultation with me- cake baker, designer, decorating extraordinaire! At this point, we can discuss celebration theme, colors, patterns, style, etc. Tiered, round, square, 3D? Buttercream, ganache, fondant icing? A cake sketch, by yours truly, may be provided upon request to help visualize your creation.

Not only do we strive to create stunning, awe-worthy decorations, cake flavor is equally important. All of our cakes are made-to-order with only the freshest ingredients. For weddings and large celebration cakes, we offer an extensive combination of premium cakes, fillings, and frostings. We are always experimenting to try to find new seasonal flavors and unique combinations, that are just as exclusive as the cake design and decoration. Our basic menu can be found on our website, but please inquire about your own custom cake tasting.

Once our cakes are baked, designs are sketched, and details finalized, the real art of creating begins. In the following pictures, I will take you oo the journey of one of my favorite sculpted cakes. Our dear Elephant Cake:

Varying sized layers of our Classic Chocolate Cake are stacked with our Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream to create the body of our elephant. Our elephant will be sitting upright on a luscious cake pillow. With careful calculation, a steady hand, and my favorite serrated knife, I get to work....

As my round cakes are transformed, I continue to visualize the final shape and consult our original design.

Gravity-defying and irregular shapes and sizes need support for stability. Notice the dowel that will help support the elephant's head. Supports are carefully calculated. We would not want to learn the hard way that our cakes are not structurally sound with a cake wreck.

The irregular shape of the elephant will require a rolled fondant covering. This process will be done in a few different steps; piecing together sections of fondant and creating a seamless finish.

At this point, the body has been completely covered. I apologize for the jump in "progress pics," I was too concentrated on the elephant head to snap pics =)

The elephant head and trunk were made from fondant-covered rice cereal. The rice cereal is much lighter than cake and can be shaped much easier. Before the fondant was set, a veining tool was used to create the natural wrinkles of the elephant skin. A couple dimples gave emotion to the face. Petal dust "blush" was used to help bring the face to life.

With some toe nails, pillow tufts, and a couple gumpaste daisies, the design is complete!

Creating a custom cake is quite a process, but the long hours and late nights are always worth it to see the happiness on a client's face.

Any questions?? Easy enough, right?! Contact us today to begin creating your custom cake!!