Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update Overload

Since I made the big move to Old Soul Co. a month ago, I've had overwhelming success!  It really is true- too many cakes, too little time for blogging.  So tragic!  

Here's a quick update to get us started: currently sub-leasing bake space from Old Soul Co. in midtown Sacramento(come try their delicious parties and in-house roasted coffee!), guitar cake for local artist's birthday celebration, Revell Communications with Tiffany & Co., Sacramento Ballet event, etc.
And most recently:

Below are some photos of my favorite creations of April:

A simple, yet elegant cake for a baby shower in my neighborhood of East Sacramento.  The cake was ordered by some new friends of mine from the East Sacramento Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks Lisa for your support!

My first guitar cake!  Although not quite to scale and in need of a few improvements, I was pretty proud of this one =)

The cake was created to help celebrate the birthday of local artist Josh Ahlansberg, of the Silver Darling.

The strings were made of spaghetti!  Every part of this cake is completely edible.

Sorry, no diamonds in this Tiffany box, only cake.  My deepest apologies...

Not your average Tiffany box cake:
This cake was created for Revell Communications (as in Dennis Revell, son-in-law to Ronald Regan).  The cake was to duplicate the display for the grand opening of Tiffany & Co. at the Roseville Galleria and was delivered to the PR firm's office for their client meeting.

Before cake, dance had always been my creative outlet.  I have always been a huge supporter of the arts, and finally had the opportunity to really participate in contributing to our local ballet.
The dancers of the Sacramento Ballet have been taking action in Sacramento for the last few months to battle our suffering economy.  They have scheduled numerous performances and events within the community to help keep the arts alive.  I was able to donate to their silent auction at their S.O.S Ballet event (Save our Sac Ballet).  Below is the tiered cake I contributed, along with a gift certificate for the lucky winner:

Please visit the dancer's site at Dancers Take Action

Whimsical Spring Birthday Cake =)

These giant gumpaste flowers topped off my mini flower pot cake.  Need a gift for Mother's Day?  Perfect match!  I'll help you out =)

Remember to go read my first article!  Or pic up The Press Tribune of May 6th, if my parents have not bought them all by now =)
Be sure to tune in shortly- May has quickly taken off with my first magazine photo shoot!  Details to come =)


Brett said...

I love the one with blue flowers!

cakeflower said...

Tessa, I have had your blog bookmarked for the longest time and I just read your interview in the Press-Tribune this am. I didn't know you were right down the street! I love your work. Everything you create is beautiful. Glad to see your baking at Old Soul. Keep updating how that's going.

sackings said...

Great job on all of the cakes. I especially love the cake you did for the Sacramento Ballet.

Snooky doodle said...

wow these cakes look amazing! the guitar one especially I really like it :)

Raychel said...

Wow! I can only hope one day my cakes are as good as yours!

Pugslvr said...

The guitar is amazing! I just read that article about you in the Press Tribune-Congrats! I think Ethan has decided he wants a Superman Cake for his birthday next month.