Monday, October 19, 2009

New Website and New Pics!

After the new website went up, I subconsciously made blogging a second priority....
I have months of cakes to share, so take a look at some of my favorite pics!
And be sure to bookmark the new website!

Elegant Barn Wedding

Birthday Burger for the Fiance!

Onsite Wedding Cake- on the Sac River

Craps Cake- Happy BDay Granny

Tap Shoe cake for Broadway Star- Luke Hawkins

Pre- flowers for Beautiful Lake Tahoe Wedding

Alice in Wonderlad 3-tier

Sweet 16 Bday Cake

Minnie Mouse

Pumpkin cake for October birthday

Cupcake tower for Celtic Wedding


Pear Tree Events said...

I saw the new website today linked from Twin Soup! Looks amazing Tessa!

Timothy said...

The potato chip bag cake is absolutely realistic. My favorite cake of far! Great work.

Brett said...

The bag o' chips is awesome!

Pugslvr said...

The hamburger cake is my fave!