Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gender Reveal

When my client first approached me with this idea, I was so excited! What a creative, ingenious concept!!

A sweet gal I went to high school with contacted me about making a custom cake for her and her husband's house warming party. She wanted a cake to resemble the facade of their new home. Per her request, we would include a similar landscape, stone walkways, and their cute little red shutters.

Now here's the kicker: she wanted to use the party to announce the gender of their new baby! At this point, she did not know the sex of her lil' bun-in-the-oven either. We arranged for her nurse to contact me directly to let me know if they were expecting a baby boy or girl, so it would be a surprise for mom-to-be, too. After receiving confirmation from her baby nurse, we made our Vanilla Butter cake BLUE!!!

It's a BOY!
Layers of our Vanilla Butter cake, tinted blue, stack with Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Now that the nurse fulfilled her job, it was time for mine. The beginnings of our House Cake.

And, complete!
Not only was I thrilled with the outcome of the decor, I could not wait for my client to slice right in! Congrats Jamie and Erik!

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