Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion Week

This particular cake was dress-inspired.  Coincidentally, it just happened to be Fashion Week in my all-time favorite city, NYC.   All parts are made of sugar.

I really enjoyed creating the concept and design for this cake.  I love finding inspiration and gaining ideas from other works of art and fashion.  Making elements appear realistic, yet still edible, has become an exciting challenge.  

Close-up on luster dusted pearl buttons.

Edible art?  Which ever way you look at it, it was still delicious!
I rarely get to taste my own creations, so I am glad I got the opportunity to snap a pic of a cake slice.  Strawberry cream filling, one of my favorites!


tamela said...

yes, what a fun challenge!! since i found your blog and the confetti cakes blog, whenever i see a handbag i imagine it being made of cake :)

i'd love to find out where you can get the luster you use. is it available in the bay area, or did you get it in nyc? i'd love to give this a go!

Brett said...

I really like the billowing cloth effect. I wonder what else you could do with that...

Pugslvr said...

Amazing! It has been so long since I've had your cakes, I'm craving the lemon poppyseed one!

Marci said...

The guitar cake was a masterpiece
for my muscian #1 son. He loved it,
thanks so much!!