Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hats Off!!


Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to make cakes for lil girls?  Possibilities of bows, ruffles, and flowers are endless!!!

This chocolate cake was created for a joint princess birthday.  Draped with edible pearls, sugar flowers, and sparkling rings, this hat box cake was as a delight to make and design.

Top view of sisters Emmy and Ali's gift tags.

Close-up of edible wand.


sackings said...

I love this cake! The colors are great and there is so much going on; so much to look at. I bet the little girls were thrilled!

Brett Huff said...

Mmm. I like the layer of cake used for the lid. And I hear pink frosting tastes good.

Anonymous said...

Tessa this is adorable. Your cakes are professional level. You are a real artist. Check out Google Ads. That's a good place to start. -Melissa

Anonymous said...

wait... is that cake covered with pink frosting or pink fondant? -missy

The Frosted Cake Shop said...

It's pink fondant